Box Box

Push the boxes to the green spots. When every boxes were on top of a spot, you can go forward to the next puzzle stage. But pay attention! You can't push more than one box at the same time.

Box Box is an addictive puzzle solving game, inspired by the classics like Sokoban and Box World, with several stages that goes beyond the Push Box mechanics to create an even more challenging and enjoyable game play.

Box Box's stages are composed by interactable objects like boxes, whirlwinds, keys, locks, barriers, blocks, portals and others funny objects that will make you spend some time thinking about the puzzle solution.

If you love solving puzzles, that's definitely for you!


The Earth might need a Hero.

You may be the chosen one.

...but for now, you just have to survive!

Mayday! is a challenging and addictive game, that is all about avoid to be hit by enemy' artillery.

Do your best and show your friends who is the high scorer!

Share your best score, and play with your friends in this exciting game of adrenaline.

The missiles are getting closer and you do not know what to do? What about explode them? This is a perfect solution!

Earn points collecting stars and destroying enemy missiles, but be careful! The more you play, the more missiles you get!

-- .- -.-- -.. .- -.--

Hirakana - Hiragana, Katakana & Kanji

Play against time in a Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji game, and show your skills with the japanese alphabets. Challenge your friends to see who is the best.

Memorize, practice and learn the Hiragana's, Katakana's and Kanji's alphabets characters with this funny and addictive game.

Time is running and you have to choose the correct answer, but be careful! A quick and wrong answer may be worse than a slower correct answer.

Playing Hirakana you will be able to practice all the Hiragana's and Katakana's alphabets characters, including 150+ Kanji from 10 different categories.